Recommended Lighting : TAURUS Pro

Summer Productions All Year Round

RED helps you produce consistently throughout the year. Our lighting solution eliminates your off-peak periods by allowing you to produce when you want. Increase your margin by being the first on the market.

Your crop needs a different light at each stage of development. Enter the new world of ultra-precision culture and optimize the quality of your production. Get the right light at the right time with our dynamic spectra and area lighting system.

Automation and Optimization

Our software adjusts in real time the amount of light on your culture to match the controlled environnement. It only adds what is needed to complete natural light so that you can optimize your energy consumption.

Sunlight being your first resource, our equipment has been designed to let the sun penetrate your greenhouse as it minimizes the casted shadow on your culture. 

1% more light ergo 1% more production.

Designed with Producers for Producers

Our lighting has been developed to meet the specific needs of the greenhouse, particularly to withstand the hostile environment. Condensing humidity, phytosanitary products and cleaning products won’t ever be a problem.

By adopting the RED solution, you are choosing a robust, evolutionary and lasting technology.

Lighten your Greenhouse