Recommended Lighting : TAURUS Lab

Revolutionary Flexibility

Your trials diversity requires highly versatile work tools. Our lighting perfectly adapts to the environment of each experiment by giving you full control over the light in your research lab.

Set the photoperiod, light intensity and light spectrum to your convenience. Surpass the usual limitation of lighting.

The Call for Scientific Rigor

Precision characterizes the level of scientific rigor of your work. Our lighting solution offers you the ultra-precision you need to carry out your research.

An ideal environment comes with minimal light variations and heat gradients within the same modality. RED technology brings you the best experimental conditions and helps you to reproduce your tests and validate them scientifically.

A Tailor-Made Design

RED provides you with tailor-made lighting that will follow you in all your work with 8 fully customizable and individually controllable wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to infrared.

Our team will advise you in the design of your set up to obtain the best possible irradiance homogeneity and exploit the full potential of our technology.

Lighten your Laboratory