Produce According to your Objectives

Forget about off-peak periods. SOLSTICE continuously adjusts the amount of light you produce all year round to increase your output.

Define lighting strategies adapted to the needs of your crop and let our intelligent solution optimize your energy consumption.

The Right Light at the Right Time

SOLSTICE constantly optimizes the light in your growing space following its climate environment monitoring system.

Our solution implements dynamic lighting strategies that shorten the duration of your production cycles. Be the first on the market.

Continuous Monitoring

Wherever you are, stay in control of your production. Access Solstice from your smartphone and your computer.

Visualize in real time all the light related data.

Personalized Support

SOLSTICE relies on years of research on photobiology as well as feedback from our customers. Our solution offers a wide choice of light spectra to meet all your needs.

Our team accompanies you in implementing lighting strategies throughout your crop stages.

Automation at the Heart of the Solution

SOLSTICE supports you continuously by automatically optimizing the crop light.

Ultra-Secure Data

All your data is secured via military encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your work.

State-of-the-art Technology

By using SOLSTICE, you adopt a robust, durable and high-performance technology over time.

Wireless Communication System

Each luminaire is individually controlled using a radio frequency communication protocol for quick and easy installation.