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RED Horticulture

Leaders in Dynamic Lighting

  • Boost your yields, reduce your costs, manage your cycles, and control your crops all year round with the RED solution.
  • Paired with the intelligent MyRED software, the full dynamic RED T lights enable you to optimize every stage of your plants’ growth while reducing your energy consumption.
    With RED Horticulture, optimize every square meter of your exploitation, 365 days a year.
Luminaires LED dynamiques pour serres horticoles

RED T Dynamic Luminaires

The RED T series is a breakthrough in greenhouse toplighting. Designed to be efficient, flexible, and durable, it is the perfect ally to increase your yields, reduce your production cycles, and optimize the quality of your harvests year-round.

Solution d'éclairage connectée : preview MyRED sur ordi et smartphone pour automatiser l'éclairage des serres horticoles.

MyRED Smart Control

With MyRED, send the right light at the right time! Ensure you reach your goals by adjusting your lighting in real-time based on the climatic environment and the needs of your plants. A culmination of our technological and photobiological expertise, MyRED optimizes your energy consumption while maximizing your crop performance.

Serre de production de jeunes plants avec éclairage LED optimisé, Vallstar, Hollande.

RED Support

At RED Horticulture, we are committed to providing much more than just a support service. We are your dedicated agronomic partner, committed to the success of your exploitation. Our experts, with many years of experience in the field of lighting, are here to support you every step of your journey.

RED Technical support

Our Full-LED solutions

Ultra-early cultivation paths, optimization of agronomic quality, off-season cultivation, better production timing: discover the benefits of different lighting strategies for each type of production. Your dynamic and adjustable spectrum adapts to all kind of cultivation: high-wire, young plants, ornamental, seeds, cannabis…

They go further with photobiology.