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RED Horticulture

Chrysanthemum FLEX & BLOOM


g/mol Vs conventional LED


far-red channel to optimize morphology

The RED T luminaire flexibility enables you to have the optimum light quality and quantity for all your varieties and stages of development. With MyRED, control all your lighting strategies in an instant.

A response to the multiple and specific needs of your crop


Reduce energy consumption


Obtain quality chrysanthemums


Flexible equipment meeting the needs of every specie

The cultivation of chrisanthemums is distinguished by the multitude of varieties and stages of developement grown simultaneously. Each of them having specific light needs, both in terms of quality and quantity. Using a dynamic lighting is the obvious choice. The same flexible and economical material can be used on all your varieties while reducing your energy consumption. Indeed, flexibility should not be at the expense of energy efficiency.

Each of the numerous developmental stages has its own specificities

Long day

↗ Rooting
↗ Homogeneity
↗ Control of morphology (length, weight and leaves number)

Short day

↗ Morphology
↗ Leaf quality


↗ Speed flowering
↗ Quality flowering

System flexibility to match your production needs

With one system, each growing zone has a lighting strategy that is optimized for your growing objectives.

Illustration éclairage intelligent d'une culture ornementale sous serre


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RED Sense

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RED T680 -T1010

Support Technique


Use Cases

RED x Vreugdenhil-Klugt

RED x Vreugdenhil-Klugt

Use Cases

RED x Noordam

RED x Noordam

Use Cases

RED x Les Crudettes

RED x Les Crudettes

An ideal combination of products and services

They go further thanks to photobiology