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RED Horticulture


Making your LEDs smart

With MyRED, send the right light at the right time! Ensure you achieve your goals by adjusting your lighting in real-time based on the climatic environment and your plants’ needs. A culmination of our technological and photobiological expertise, MyRED optimizes your energy consumption while maximizing your crop yield.
Simple to use with its user-friendly interface, numerous features, and a library of lighting recipes, MyRED is the most powerful tool for managing your lighting strategies.

MyRED, preview de l'appli de gestion de l'éclairage LED par RED Horticulture

Your data, wherever you are

MyRED is with you wherever you go: access the status of your luminaires and sensor data from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the news feed, stay connected with your teams and RED support. Exchange daily about the status of your production by adding photos and comments!

Application My RED, contrôle et gestion des systèmes d'éclairage LED à spectre variable.

Select and deploy your light strategies

Benefit from our research and the photobiologists’ expertise by browsing through our library of tested and proven lighting recipes from the PARC laboratories. Select those that match your goals and activate them with a few clicks.
Define, analyze, and adjust your own lighting strategies with MyRED! Become an expert in photobiology with our training: compose your spectra, adjust intensity, program your DLI goals with complete freedom.

Protocole RED Mesh, communication wireless entre luminaires dans culture horticole sous serre

Your instructions in real-time with RED Mesh

Developed in collaboration with our customers and rigorously tested, RED Mesh allows you to control thousands of RED T luminaires and RED Sense sensors in seconds, without requiring additional wiring during installation. This innovative system uses a reliable and highly efficient proprietary wireless control protocol.
MyRED processes this data in real-time and ensures optimized control of your installation in real-time.

RED Sense
Vue appli MyRED, pour un zonage précis de l'éclairage en serre.

Zoning: Precise down to the luminaire

Whether you’re growing indoors or in a greenhouse, your plants don’t have the same lighting needs at the same time. With MyRED, create lighting zones based on your growing rooms or chambers to deliver the right light at the right time. Thanks to MyRED, all your luminaires are mapped to create groups, facilitating independent and precise management of your operation.

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Maximize the efficiency of your production tool by coupling MyRED's intelligence with your climate computer. MyRED offers to interface with your climate computer and exchange data, allowing each system to operate at its full potential!

logo PRIVA Logo Hoogendoorn, solution d'automatisation pour gérer les données climatiques logo Ridder, gestion climatique en serre
logo PRIVA Logo Hoogendoorn, solution d'automatisation pour gérer les données climatiques logo Ridder, gestion climatique en serre

The comfort of dynamic lighting

Work in your crops without any visual discomfort by activating the observation mode: temporarily force your luminaires to emit a spectrum with a natural color rendering and a moderate intensity.

Smart-dimming & other features

Consume up to 18% less energy compared to other LED luminaires while achieving your crop goals with MyRED features:

Smart dimming: RED has developed a next-generation dimming, a patented innovation that allows the modulation of intensity and spectrum based on natural sunlight and economic factors.
Energy market: Depending on the producer’s energy contract specifics (off-peak/peak hours, current tariff…), the spectrum and intensity adapt themselves to promote more economical consumption.

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