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RED Horticulture

Industrial engineering

By opting for our lighting solutions, you are choosing excellence and innovation. At RED, we constantly push the boundaries of engineering to offer you exceptional, patented products that are unparalleled in the market.

Composants LED sur luminaires nouvelle génération pour l'éclairage des serres.

Excellence and Innovation at the Heart of RED

Our expertise in industrial engineering is at the core of the design, manufacture, and assembly of our LED luminaires. Each component is meticulously selected for its durability and reliability, ensuring a long lifespan for our products.

Our LEDs are exclusively from CREE, a globally recognized American supplier for high-performance products. Advanced thermal management further extends the lifespan and efficiency of our luminaires.The drivers for our luminaires are provided by Inventronics, a world leader in the field.

Our electronic boards incorporate the latest technological advances, ensuring exceptional performance, increased reliability, and extended longevity.

Eclairage dynamique serres : pôle ingénierie industrielle, RED Horticulture. Pôle Ingénierie industrielle; tests sur luminaires, RED Horticulture. Eclairage horticole dynamique : la gamme RED T est un condensé d'innovations technologiques.

Precision and efficiency

Our RED T range features a revolutionary patented design, offering a variety of light emission angle options, including 115° and 150° angles. Suitable for all environments, our luminaires ensure precise and uniform light distribution to maximize the benefits of our design. From our heat dissipation system to the choice of LED components, every detail matters and every choice is calculated to guarantee you the best possible light output.


A Controlled Production for a Peace of Mind Investment

At RED, we rely on the expertise of certified suppliers from the military, railway, and automotive industries to maintain a failure rate of less than 0.5%. Each year, we enhance our quality tests and control of the industrial chain through five steps, ensuring products of exceptional quality.

Our Partners

Logo inventronics Logo Wieland CREE, partenaire et leader sur le marché de la LED.
Logo inventronics Logo Wieland CREE, partenaire et leader sur le marché de la LED.



Factory audit for mandatory compliance of all our suppliers with ISO9001 standards


Inspection of 100% of batches of materials and components upon receipt


Automatic verification of all electronic boards for component placement, solder quality, and functionality


Functional testing of 100% of products before packaging


Extreme environment aging to check batches before delivery

Luminaires LED dynamiques pour serres horticoles

Scalability and Repairability

RED T offers you a secure investment. You can’t go wrong with your spectrum choice, because thanks to MyRED control, RED T can produce them all!

RED T is also scalable. Fully dismountable, it’s easy to maintain a system and especially to improve it over time. A guarantee that your product will never become obsolete.

Luminaire LED pilotable pour production sous serre

Environmental Commitment

RED is committed to reducing its environmental impact. All our designs are eco-designed, taking into account the entire product lifecycle. We produce our lighting fixtures in industrial sites located as close as possible to our customers, thereby reducing delivery times and our carbon footprint in logistics. Our cardboard and foam packaging are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials. Each product is fully collapsible, allowing the sorting of material for recycling.