Recommended Lighting : TAURUS Pro

The Ideal Light for Full Control

With no natural sunlight, artificial luminaires are essential to plants. Therefore, the quality of your production entirely depends on the light spectrum and the illumination homogeneity on your crop.

Each crop and stage of development requires different lights. Our dynamic spectra help you to diffuse the right light at the right time throughout the various steps of your production cycle.


Lowered Energy Consumption

Our smart lighting solution minimizes your power consumption by continuously optimizing your crop light.

Reduce your consumption up to 40% by choosing RED technology rather than a 1000 watt HPS lamp.


Reliability at All Times

Our lighting uses a patented passive heat dissipation system. The advantage of this system is that you no longer have noises from the cooling fans all the while having an increased equipment reliability.

With the RED solution, you make the choice of longevity with a robust and evolutive technology that will stay around for years.

Lighten your Crop