June 23, 2022

RED x Pierrick L’Eost #2022

A 2022 season building on 2021’s momentum

When we first met with Pierrick L’Eost in 2021, the producer from Brittany had 1500m2 of lit surface dedicated to Gariguette. Following a very successful season with +25% yield and up to +50% brix rate, Pierrick doubled his lit surface in 2022 to reach 3000m2. The solution used remained the same: TAURUS 300 lighting controlled by the SOLSTICE application. Pierrick went into production on February 10th with initial brix levels between 8 and 10 which rose to 11-12 after 3 weeks of production.
"The 2022 season objectives are being met. I was able to reap the benefits of the RED solution: sustainability of labor, fruit quality and yield."
Pierrick L'Eost
Strawberry grower

Major growth starting in 2023

Pierrick is already looking ahead to the 2023 season when he will double his total production area to 2.6 hectares. He hopes to accompany this investment with an expansion of the lit area, which would then represent 30% of the total heated area.

Pierrick L’Eost’s video testimony is subtitled in English !