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The plant photomorphogenesis

Photosignal light will have an impact on the quality of production and on plant development (photomorphogenesis).

14 November 2023

What is phomorphogenesis or photosignal light?

Photosignal light will have an impact on the quality of production and on plant development (photomorphogenesis). Unlike photosynthesis, where the PAR spectrum is broad, the photosignal spectrum is accurate to the nanometre and changes with the development phases of the plant.

There are three groups of photoreceptors:

• UV photoreceptors, UVR. Plants are affected by two types of UV radiation from the sun, UV-A (320-400 nm) and UV-B (280-320 nm). Indoor plants can suffer from a lack of UV in their development. Indeed, UVR is responsible for the plant’s defences and reproductive survival through the thickening of the vegetative parts and the production of secondary metabolites such as flavonols.

•Violet/blue light photoreceptors have two receptors: cryptochromes, which are responsible for plant growth and the number of leaves, and phototropins, which are responsible for controlling the opening of stomata and the orientation of the plant to optimize the surface of the leaves in contact with the light.

Figure 1 : UVR photoreceptor / Flavonols and Phototropins / Cryptochromes curves

• The photoreceptors of red and infrared (IR) light, the pythochromes Pr and Pfr. They are responsible for stem elongation, leaf growth, and flowering. Precise management of the IR light allows to trigger flowering while increasing its intensity.

Figure 2 : Pythochrome photoreceptor Pr and Pfr curves

Controlling the light spectrum in your greenhouse means having unparalleled control over your crop to achieve your market garden goals.

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