RED Horticulture is the result of a combination. Of a passion: plant production, a skill: engineering, and an observation: light is a key parameter often forgotten.

Through our research, our products and our services, we decided to explore and open up this new field of value for the industry.

Our ambition is to be the pioneers of photobiology, alongside producers who are pioneers in their markets.

Making light a sustainable resource

Light is essential. Through its control via new ways of lighting, which focus on efficiency rather than power, we want to support a more sustainable agriculture:

  • more sustainable for the environment, thanks to the energy savings offered by our technology, and the possibility of producing more with the same amount of resources.
  • more sustainable for producers, by allowing them to save money, but also to generate new added value.
  • more sustainable for the industry, by opening up new prospects for development, food autonomy and meeting societal challenges.

The scientific revolution that inspired our creation continues. Photobiology is far from having delivered all its secrets and its amazing opportunities.

“Convinced that light is the first key parameter for the success of plant crops and that it represents a new field of value for the entire industry, we have given ourselves the mission of offering an enlightened use of photobiology.”
Yassine El Qomri & Louis Golaz
Fondateurs de RED Horticulture

We are driven by three values


We look for all possibilities to stay at the forefront of photobiology. If we don’t have the answers to your questions, we will find them.


With our research partners as well as our customers we exchange knowledge and share our experiences to accompany everyone to reach their goals.


To go beyond our limits, so that you can go beyond your objectives, in order to transform the entire industry.

Our story


Creation of Rouge Engineered Designs

After several years of R&D, Louis Golaz and Yassine El Qomri create Rouge Engineered Designs. They establish the 3 founding values: Explore, Share, Smash.

First market gardener client to innovate with us

It is near Marmande, France that Rouge Engineered Designs sets up for the first time in a greenhouse. TAURUS lighting is installed with light recipes dedicated to strawberries.

Creation of the event “Rencontres Lumière & Végétal”

In collaboration with Vegepolys Valley and the Cluster Lumière, we create the event “Les Rencontres Lumière & Végétal”. A day dedicated to sharing the latest developments in terms of illuminated horticultural and market garden production.

New company headquarters in Lyon

We are moving to 79 rue Saint-Pierre de Vaise. 200 m² premises to support the company’s development and allow our employees to work in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere.

Inauguration of the internal laboratory

Our photobiologists now have a 40 m² phytotron, divided into 2 controllable environments and allowing them to explore 32 lighting strategies simultaneously. The ideal tool to continue the scientific revolution that inspired the creation of the company.

Rouge Engineered Designs becomes RED Horticulture

A new name that is simple and effective, like our solutions.

Fundraising of €2.6M

A fund raising of 2.6 M€ is realized with the entry in the capital of Demeter. It will allow us to accelerate the commercial development of our offer and to invest in R&D to further develop our unique agronomic expertise.

A team of experts and enthusiasts

The RED Horticulture team is made up of more than a dozen employees, each one an expert in his or her field.

Agronomists, researchers, electronic engineers, technical sales… all united around the same values and ambitions, invest their time every day to accompany the producers and the industry towards new bright horizons.