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RED Horticulture

RED x La ferme positive

Feedback from micro-pod grower Damien Lepeintre. His RED Horticulture lighting system enables him to control his production all year round.

15 November 2023

An enlightened reconversion

After a career in the perfume industry, Damien Lepeintre decided to start growing micro-foots in Orléans. In 2018, he created Positive Farm. Positive because climate issues are at the heart of this project. Ultimately, the aim is to achieve production with a neutral ecological footprint “I made the choice of greenhouse production so that it would be as natural as possible.” After starting out with classic radish and pea varieties, he expanded his range to produce 20 different varieties. These include agastache and melissa, as well as purple basil and coriander.

Sustainable lighting for responsible consumption

La Ferme Positive’s restaurant customers have constant needs throughout the year. To meet this demand, Damien Lepeintre decided to equip his greenhouse with a heating and lighting system. His lighting requirements were precise.

"I wanted a lighting solution that was intelligent and environmentally friendly. An on/off system without control of the energy spent would not be consistent with my vision of the business."

Damien Lepeintre

Manager, La Ferme Positive

A personalized and relevant offer

“When I got Louis Golaz (RED Horticulture General Manager) on the phone, I could tell he knew what he was talking about. His attentiveness and responsiveness convinced me”. A lighting diagnosis was carried out to determine the number of luminaires required to meet production targets. Naturally, Damien chose the SOLSTICE™+TAURUS solution. It allows natural conditions to be taken into account to optimize the artificial light delivered.

Lighting to match your objectives

“The Orléans-based grower benefits from both industrial and photobiological expertise” That lighting adapts to natural light is essential, and collaborating with RED photobiologists allows us to gain greater control”. The lighting recipe used is specific to micro-sprout cultivation, and delivers only the wavelengths required for plant development.

Cooperation for the long term

In the future, Damien Lepeintre hopes to be able to supply tailor-made products, adapting to the requirements of each restaurateur. Always with a view to obtaining a top-quality product, both tasty and aesthetically pleasing. RED Horticulture’s mission is to support him in this approach, with lighting that is ever more economical and efficient.

"We're working with Raphaël Quenum (R&D Manager at RED Horticulture) to fine-tune this luminous recipe. I prioritize quality over yield."

Damien Lepeintre

Manager, La Ferme Positive