Make the most of your crop with photobiology

We study the effects of light on plants to better understand your crops’ requirements and apply the perfect light formula. The right amount and quality of light at the right time will allow your crop to reach its full potential.
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3 months of trials on Gariguette in a growing room to determine the light recipe to be applied in the greenhouse of Ludovic and Patricia Rat.

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Working with variable spectra allows Crudettes to go after unique spectra suitable for aeroponics salad production.

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Micro Greens

Damien Lepeintre benefits from the work of RED photobiologists who are fine-tuning the specific light recipe for microgreens.

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RED and Delphy are working on more efficient cultivation routes thanks to photobiology

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The foundations of RED photobiology

Not all plants have the same needs. Especially in terms of light. Whether it is the intensity, the spectrum or the photoperiod, the effect of light can be a formidable ally in your cultivation itinerary. We impact the processes of photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis to develop the plant according to your objectives.

Working on the root development, on the vegetative/generative balance or on the speed of the plant’s development allows to improve the yield as well as the quality. RED photobiology concerns all living beings in the greenhouse. The controlled management of light is an alternative solution to fight against pests such as insects.

The number one in photobiology for your lighting project

We are experts in photobiology, passionate about production and curious to reveal the reaction of plants to light. We invest in R&D to provide our customers with ever more effective light formulas.

As a pioneer in photobiology, we have an ultramodern infrastructure where we grow up to 32 different varieties in two different climatic environments. Our laboratory in Lyon is dedicated to all vegetable and horticultural crops, from tomatoes to micro-pods, roses and chrysanthemums.

RED’s expertise is built on trials in climatic growth chambers and their deployment in greenhouses at our growers. The field work is essential to understand the functioning of the plant in real growing conditions. It allows us to refine our light formulas and to improve our internal tests.

RED support

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